Are you building a right product the right way?

hmm… A right product, what’s that mean?

A simple answer is – A product which solves a problem is a right product.

Okay, anything else?

Ya, certainly, It is affordable to the customer segment you are making for and….. they can easily use it …………….. and it shouldn’t be ugly ……and……

Wait a minute, looks like you have a big list here. I don’t have a time for all this. I just want to start. Each passing day I’m loosing opportunity to get into the market. I came here so that you can tell me the shortest path. So, can you help?

Sorry, I am not aware of any “shortest path.”

hmmm…. never mind I will ask someone else or will figure out myself.

Okay…Best of luck.

Thanks, but why the way what do you mean by right way?

But you just said that you don’t have time to listen all this….

You are making a fun of me now.

No, it is a serious business. If you really want to build something you have to understand and learn it.

let me think for a while….and yes, it is still true that I don’t have time for all this….

When we start building a product, most of the time we start without asking right questions to ourselves and end results are not good all the time. Even if we want to take help of someone our conversation will be like above. But lets understand that product development is a science, and art.. and whatever you want to name it, but you need to learn it, understand it, grasp it and there will be no reason that you wouldn’t get succeed.

Oh… So you know how to create a successful product?

No, I know how to build a right product the right way so that it meets its objective.

Lets do a conversation about it….

In the upcoming blogs, we will take this conversation forward and will learn more in depth about product design and development. Happy reading!!!

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